Board of Directors


  • Janie Rowe, Rowe Law Firm, retired  *Chair
  • Eric Bernard, UNM Director of Landscape Architecture
  • Brad Gibbs, Property Manager
  • Lucia Deichmann, New Paradigm
  • Janice Honeycutt, Public Relations
  • Patricia Parkinson, Educator, retired
  • Mary Ridgeway, Central United Methodist Church
  • Scott Sharp, Central United Methodsit Church
  • Sissy Othick, Educator, retired
  • Mike Mumford, Bank of the West
  • Devon Day, Day Financial
  • Mike Tixier, APS
  • Sissy Othick, Retired, APS
  • Elaine Soliman, Retired ARCA
  • Seth Ingersoll, Premier Wealth Management