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Apartments for Saranam Families


"New homes lift happiness but do not bring families out of poverty - do not boost employment or earnings. (Science, Sept 2012 & Science News, Oct. 2012.) 

Saranam provides the basics for living, including a fully furnished apartment. We require adults to increase their education which will increase both the attainment and sustainment of better paying jobs. Families stabilize their lives while living in a safe, secure community. 


Saranam rents apartments for all its families in the same complex.  WIth all families living as neighbors, the community is automatically set up. 

24 Apartments on 1.07 Acres

  • Each apartment is fully furnished
  • Living room has couch, lamps, pictures
  • Kitchen has table with chairs, dishes, silverware, and cookware
  • Bedrooms have either twin or queen/full size beds with linens
  • Bathrooms have wash cloths, towels and shower curtain
  • Baskets with toiletries, cleaning supplies, first aid supplies and papergoods
  • Fully stocked refrigerator and pantry