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Catwalk at the Castle Fashion Show


Sean Hopkins Memorial Harvesting Dreams Dinner

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Catwalk at the Castle a HUGE Success!












A HUGE Thank You to Gertrude Zachary and Diva D'Luxe for a fabulous night of fashion, finds and fun at Catwalk at the Castle last week! Proceeds in excess of $15,000 benefited Saranam! What a wonderful event.

Help us build a playground for our kids!















Join us as we team up to build a playground for the children at Saranam located at the Fox Ridge Apartments. We are seeking 150 volunteers who do not have to be skilled, trained or have any special tools; they just have to be enthusiastic, energetic, a team player, willing to work and have fun, fun, fun! (And be at least 18 years of age).

For more information, please go to 

TEDx: Ending Homeless Through Education


Executive Director, Tracy Sharp gave a TEDx Talk about Saranam's unique approach to ending homelessness. 

Upcoming Events

November 6     The Sean Hopkins Memorial Harvesting Dreams Dinner

November 15   Playground Build Day!


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What is Saranam?


Saranam is a 2-year housing and education program for homeless families in Albuquerque, NM.  Saranam offers a comprehensive range of services to assist families in transitioning beyond homelessness.

We work with homeless families (a family, for Sananam's purposes, includes at least one adult and one child with a legal connection) who have a desire and the motivation to change their lives to end their homelessness.  

Saranam provides:

  • Long-term housing
  • Intensive case management
  • Increasing levels of education
  • Focus on addressing individual issues
  • Supportive community

Saranam is unique:

  • Saranam Values Housing: the foundation for a family's stability 
  • Saranam Values Education: increased earning potential
  • Saranam Values Community: The lack of and loss of community and support systems is an underlying cause of homelessness, and thus relationship-building is crucial to and incorporated into every aspect of this program!

Because building community and building a network for support is so important to the program of Saranam, families are accepted into the program in “classes.” This allows for an immediate peer group and community to form.

Saranam is not a drug/alcohol treatment facility, a domestic abuse shelter, a mental health treatment facility nor do we provide any emergency services/shelter.

The Name

The word "saranam" means “refuge” and comes from a song in the United Methodist Hymnal, #523.